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About BlogTheNoise

BlogTheNoise is a personal blog created by Cindy Garcia (@Nismo_Cindy) who also blogs for FM 93.5 Revolution Radio Miami. This blog features artist profiles and news about global phenomenons. Although BlogTheNoise is relatively new, multiple festivals have reached out in order to provide their content on the site. Media access was granted by multiple Miami Music Week events and Okeechobee Music Festival. In the long run, the main goal for this blog is to involve artist and their audience to interact on future documentaries and short films/interviews.

BlogTheNoise came to Cindy during Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando 2015. After attending a few music festivals and realizing it takes an entire year to prepare some of these, it was time to blog. The music will always be there but what opened Cindy’s eyes to starting this blog was being involved in different atmospheres during festivals.

“Each music festival and event gives you a different vibe. What I experienced at EDC Orlando was absolutely different than EDC Las Vegas. Although its the same festival just bigger and in a different state, the people change the atmosphere. That’s what I want to provide with this blog. I want people to know its OK to not like a certain genre of electronic music and its OK to stick to mainstream stages or underground artists. Let them judge, at the end of the day YOU are the most important headliner at a festival. Some people may say my music taste sucks, others agree with the artist I like. I don’t have a certain type of electronic music I like, which is why I respect everyone in the business.” – Cindy

Festivals we’ve attended: EDC Orlando (three times), EDC Las Vegas, Ultra Music Festival Miami (two times),Okeechobee Music Festival

Currently there are three writers for this page, Cindy Garcia, Amanda Diaz and Carlos Rubio but for those interested in the expansion of this blog as either photographers, writers, videographers, or the page’s promotional DJ please send a sample piece to CindyBlogTheNoise@gmail.com

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BlogTheNoise is asking the fellow EDM Community for help. We are currently receiving no paid advertisements or sponsorship. If you’d like to help us attend events so we can grow, please email me!