No Plastic Straws at Ezoo


June’s not over yet, did you make a difference during World Oceans Month? It’s OK if you didn’t because our environment will only change if WE make a difference all year round and EZOO totally gets it. Mad respect to their team that just announced they are going strawless during the festival. Read more on their post by clicking No Plastic Straws at Ezoo and how they are teaming up with Clean Vibes.


The reason I care for this is because I’ve done multiple beach clean ups and you don’t realize how harmful our garbage truly is until you do one of these. This year during World Oceans Day, I made the effect to go out with a group to Pinellas County FL and cleaned up all the plastic and junk people left on the beach and in the mangroves, including beer bottles and….condoms…(gross but do you boo, next time at least throw it away). We picked up over 2k of garbage in just two hours, imagine what a difference we could all make if we picked up a piece of trash on a daily basis.

Dance music will always be the love of my life but our animals and sea creatures will always be number one in my heart. Let’s do something about this instead of living a fishless life by 2050.

Thanks Ezoo once again for looking out for our Oceans to make our Earth a better home.

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