Tips for a better Sunset Music Festival Experience

Author: Cindy Garcia

Procrastinators unite! Let’s face it, we’re excited for festival season and between outfits, travel plans, and making kandi bracelets, reading guidelines and rules are the last thing on our minds. That’s why I’m sharing a few quick tips for a better experience. If you want a full guide, visit SMF’s website

Take an Extra Empty Water Bottle


God forbid your hydration pack breaks or you lose your refillable water bottle. Take an extra cheap plastic bottle in and keep in your backpacks or hydration packs because if anything goes wrong, you do not want to waste that extra merch money on those bottled water prices!

Create a Set list and a Meet up Spot

meet up spot.jpeg

There’s one thing I’ve learned since I got into being a festival hopper and that’s the buddy system. Take a look at the set times, make a list and share it with friends. Look at the festival map and pick ONE meet up spot your squad can go back to throughout the festival to find each other. No matter what phone company you have, this tip will come in handy.

Load up your Wristband and leave your Wallet at home


The Cashless Payment Technology will allow you to use your festival wristband as a digital wallet.It’s already hard enough to not lose your phone at a festival, leave the wallet at home and just bring identification with you.

Download the Mobile App


Sure, you might think you won’t be on your phone too much but downloading the app will make things so much easier for you. Here are all the functionalities of the app:

  • Artists: Discover more about the DJs you love.
  • Schedules: See your favorite artists perform live.
  • Information: Find important details you need to prepare.
  • News: Get the latest festival updates.
  • Tickets: Purchase tickets and book a hotel.

Uber and Lyft Services


Its 2018 ladies and gentlemen, stop endangering you and your friend’s lives by driving under the influence of ANY substance. Grab a group of friends and split the Uber charges or Uber Pool to save money but stop risking lives out there. I get it, the surcharges after any festival are absolutely insane, that’s why I would say either wait an hour or two after the festival is done to call an Uber or walk a few blocks down the road and you’d be shocked to see how much the fees drop.

Safety & Medical


We’ve all been there and it totally sucks. If you haven’t been there, then guess what? I’m telling you right now indeed it does suck having to go to medical but even if you’re feeling a little “weird” stop listening to others who think they can take care of you and go see a professional. The numerous times, I’ve seen a friend end up in a hospital from being stubborn is outrageous. First Aid tents are located throughout the festival; you’ll find teams of medical practitioners ready to care for your every need.




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