5 Cute Summer Hairstyles for Festival Season

Author: Cindy Garcia

Temperatures are on a rise as the summer time arrives. Let’s face it, festival season is here and it’s hard to get those Instagram worthy photos if your hair is drenched in sweat. If you’re like me and totally hate the whole “up hair do” thing, these cute hairstyles might motivate you to give them a try.

Space Buns


Space Buns are my ultimate favorite because you can basically be as creative as you want with them. All you’ll need is 2-4 scrunches depending on how thin or thick your hair is. For all my hair-fanatic ladies feel free to take these up a notch by incorporating braids into your buns. Make your Space Buns shine even more by adding colorful glitter throughout your scalp.

Learn how to do Space Buns: Click Here

French Braids


French Braids are exciting and can be divided into two in order to give it a more stylish look.  Unfortunately I am not blessed with the talent of doing any kind of braid but if you’re lucky like me you’ll find a festie bestie that can help you with all your hair needs.

Learn how to do a French Braid: Click Here

Fishtail Braids


Bless your heart if you know how to do a Fishtail Braid because if it wasn’t for my best friend I would never rock this braid. Try applying semi-permanent colors and glitter and have your Fishtail Braid stand out compared to everyone elses.

Learn how to do a Fishtail Braid: Click Here



Growing up in a Hispanic household, I did my fair share amount of rocking pigtails as a little girl but occasionally I’ve done them for Halloween, Raves, and Cons. These can be cute depending on how you rock them. Having colorful hair like blue or pink deff gives pigtails a K-pop feel which is perfect for festivals.

Learn how to do 10 easy Pigtails: Click Here



The good old fashion ponytail has never failed any of us. It’s the easiest of them all and has been saving our lives since elementary school. Let’s face it, sometimes getting creative and crafty can be overwhelming especially when planning out rave outfits, body glitters, and such. When in doubt just grab your scrunchy and do what you do best.

For those who need a reminder on how to do a ponytail: Click Here


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