Bassnectar Okeechobee Edition Set Review


Written by Anais Melo

We need to talk about the elephant in the room (and no I’m not talking pink elephants, if you know where I’m going with this). Bassnectar’s Okeechobee set blew that swamp land out the ground and threw Florida off the sea level once more.

Starting the festival season right dropping tracks left and right, the ones we’ve been screeching to hear, or never even heard before. Nectar opened with Mr.Sandman, a timeless classic and went straight into filth dropping his remix of Massive Attack’s Risingson with Clipse’s.

When the Last lyrics over this (very fitting I must say). He seasoned this set even more when he added in Immigrant song by Led Zeppelin into his mix of Thunder Bay by Hudson Mohawke, and totally took the whole flavor on a spin making me question my whole existence when he dropped Sugarcube!!! (FINALLY)

Sugarcube was the Creme de la creme of this set, and if you get your hands on some videos while he dropped it, you’ll hear the same reaction throught the crowd. All in all this set took you on a giant roller coaster ride you wish didn’t end, closing it out with a bang (literally) dropping an unreleased G Jones x Nectar collab called “Underground”. G Jones and Nectar together in the labs makes me feel some type of way because both these men are straight up magic and unreal. I can’t wait to see more of this come our way.

Nectar has had his fair share of festival sound blow ups (EDC Orlando 2016) but the sound quality here was the last of anyone’s worries. You could’ve probably gotten a good ear ringing hearing this set from your campsite.
I can confirm once and for all Bassnectar knows how to kick off the festival season with killer sets such as this one. I can’t imagine what tricks this mystical bass wizard has up his sleeves for this year. Barely even giving us a chance to unpack after Okee, he drops the announcement of Basscenter X back at the mothership, the Hampton Coliseum.
If this is your 1000th year following this man around the country, don’t stop now. If you’ve just stumbled upon nectar and you’re truly digging his tracks and felt the vibe at Okee, now is your chance to actually enter the wizarding world of Bassnectar and check out what the hype is all about. 2017 is the year of bass (I honestly say this every year) but I promise, this time I mean it.

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