10 Ways to Make Money for Festival Season


Written by Cindy Garcia

In the world of dance music a lot of festival goers always  run into the same issue. How on earth are we suppose to pull hundreds to thousands of dollars for all these festivals? Just in South Florida alone, we have Okeechobee Music Festival, Ultra and Miami Music Week along with any other outside festivals like Electric Forest, Coachella, EDC Las Vegas, Tomorrowland, Buku and more. Fortunately after some trial and error of our own, we found a few kickass ways to make extra money this festival seasons.


1. Uber \ Lyft

If you have a car that’s up to date on registration and milage with a good outstanding record, get ready to turn your wheels into a money machine. Uber can get you into one festival in just one-two days of work. Act fast though, the application process can take a bit.


2. Wag Walk \ Rover

Are you a natural for dog walking or dog sitting? Well guess what pupper lovers of the world, these two websites will let you sign up to walk strangers dogs for $15-20 per half hour and $30-50 for dog sitting. You need to pass a safety course and background check but rather than it’s pretty chill.


3. Babysit your family\friends kids

Probably the most dreaded one on here especially for those in college who barely have patience with children. Babysitting gigs can be a drag but you can make anywhere from $75-200 for the night. You’ll be in a festival in just two shifts or less!



4. Blog

Believe it or not, most blogging websites will pay for your content. They want or need writers and will give you a few bucks for a paragraph or two. The best part about blogging is you don’t need to go anywhere, you can write from the convenience of your home and write whenever you please. You might not get much but it’s great side money.


5. Do Your Taxes EARLY

I know this one might seem like the obvious but you’d be surprise how many people do their taxes late. If you’re in college guess what, you get money for being in school so why wait? If you’re not in college and work Full-Time, go get your hard earned money now! Some tax returns can even be up to 3k. Guess you just booked your trip to Tomorrowland.


6. Collect Loose Change

Look in all your old bags, in your car, set up a coin collection at school or go canning during school. One day of canning might surprise you. We’ve canned before and received $300 in just one day.


7. Sell your Instagram Photos

Yes this is a thing. Apparently some websites are content driven and are in need of photographs. Not sure how much you’ll make for this one but definitely worth a shot.


8. Find a seasonal position

Find a second job that is a temp position and work it until you make enough money for the festivals and then request off every festival you have in mind before someone beats you to it. If you’ve made enough and they won’t give you the days off, just quit, this was a way into festivals anyways.


9. Do Online PAID Surveys

OK so Paid surveys is real but let me warn everybody it takes an extremely long time to see any money from this one. If you have patience to do them while watching tv then by all means go for it but we quit doing paid surveys. Way too time consuming.


10. Volunteer for the festival \ work the event

Most Festivals are in desperate need of people. If you volunteer for the event, you get one free day of fun and one-two days of volunteer work. It’s deff worth it if you don’t have the income for the festival at all. Might as well give it a shot. If you’re flying into another state or country you still need to worry about flight but most festivals now a day have camping sites or cheaper alternatives for stay.




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