LIC Wynwood Deff an Upgrade


January 31st, 2017

Written by Cindy Garcia

Life in Color has grown as a festival, from starting off back in the day when DayGlow was the place to be at, this concert expanded to a pretty big thing in South Florida.

Last year I attended LIC Miami and I had a terrible time, besides the fact having wet cold paint all over myself was definitely not for me, the artist didn’t put off such great performances. It felt very forced.

This year, I can say I’m proud of what Life in Color became. I’m not sure if it was the change in venue -Wynwood does it give a better feel- but also had better artist like Seven Lions, Diplo, Marshmello and Carnage. The stages felt more vivid and full of energy plus the crowd didn’t feel as immature. If LIC continues to take place in Wynwood, I will deff see you next year.

Heres some footage we caught with our cell phone at Life in Color Lynwood during Carnage.

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