Yogachobee is a MUST at Okeechobee

January 25, 2017

posted by Cindy Garcia

Yogachobee was one of my favorite moments at Okeechobee Music and Art Festival. It gave me time to relax and become one with my body and soul. Plus it’s absolutely free so why not try it! Group Yoga was never really my thing until I tried it at this festival. The energy is so positive, you end the session feeling like a new person. Below are some photographs BlogTheNoise took at Yogachobee last year.


Below are a few words describing Yogachobee from the pros at Okeechobee Music Festival.

The Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival is excited to announce the return of Moonlight Oasis, the fest’s cultural epicenter that will feature another four days of exploration, relaxation, growth, enjoyment and connection. Consistently providing daily programming from Thursday, March 2 through Sunday, March 5, the Yogachobee Area within the grounds is an umbrella of awareness practices consisting of three areas: the Healing SanctuaryYogachobee “proper,” and the newly added Earth Arts Academy.

Yogachobee is the original home to Yoga and Movement workshops. Beginning early in the morning, and extending throughout the night, this central space will host a range of classes – everything from the electricity of Power and Acro Yoga to deeper meditative sessions which will dive into the waters of our internal system, relationships, astral travel, sensory deprivation, and more. This year, Yogachobee will feature several classes accompanied by live DJ’s and bands to inspire and to integrate the YogachoBeing’s practice into the music festival experience, including an Ecstatic Dance featuring a live set by Momentology.

Brooke Rosen, Director of Programming at Yogachobee, states, “Festivals are new, constantly evolving, worlds of their own. People at festivals tend to come with their hearts and minds a little more open than they would in their day-to-day, and there is a wild chance for growth and change. The Healing Sanctuary is donation-based with this in mind. It is here to invite everyone into the ongoing healing process and to offer up the possibility for total renewal.”

“Many secrets are being revealed,” adds Yogachobee co-curator Joaquin Antonio. “Awakening to the interconnectedness of the cosmos, the year 2017 presents itself with the theme of unification. With that in mind, at Yogachobee we acknowledge the light and darkness as meaningful energies for evolution and celebrate through what I like to call, ‘Divine Play’. Join us in transformative ‘Divine Play’, learn and be inspired through the transmission of amazing Yoga teachers and presenters who will be sharing their gifts and wisdom to all of us at the Okeechobee Festival. Join us as we come together with the focused intention to facilitate healing from our fragmented culture by consolidating community. Join us to see that we are what we’ve been waiting for.”

Fulfilling its title beautifully, the Healing Sanctuary is a sacred space, offering a daily morning meditation, all-day Thai Massage, Neuromuscular and Connective Tissue Therapy, and Biodynamic Cranial Touch, followed by a shamanic or healing arts workshop. Late at night, after the main stages have come to a final close, the Healing Sanctuary will reopen with Sound Healing and Thai Yoga to offer a healing space of stillness and deeply present calm amidst the flourishing arts all around.

New to the festival this year, The Earth Arts Academy is an experiential workshop space dedicated to exploring our human relationship to the Earth and the elements. The workshops follow a three-part progression throughout the days of the festival, so that if one person takes all three classes from one teacher, they will build upon and deepen a substantial understanding of the topic. Earth Arts Academy classes touch upon subjects ranging from Urban Super Herbs and Elemental Herbalism to Permaculture, Intentional Music Improv, and what it means to be human in this time on Earth. In addition to daily workshops, the area will be home to a Sacred Fire, lit ceremonially each evening at sunset, which will feature live medicine music and drums late into the night.

“Earth Arts Academy is our home of learning from the ground up,” says lead curator Samantha Benowitz. “This newly implemented area is a diverse hub of sacred, holistic knowledge – an area where you can be sure to relax from the rest of the festival, get your hands involved & mind stimulated. With our beautiful team of healers, speakers and teachers, you will be able to cultivate newfound skills and gain practices to possibly enhance your everyday lifestyle, the natural way.” Ranging from permaculture 101 to essential oils and late night medicine music, The Earth Arts Academy will offer a wide-ranging host of fun, hands-on workshops for Okeechobeings to take part in for the most well-rounded and fully immersive experience that is unlike any other.

“Through these three areas, we are hoping to provide an opportunity for awakening, insight and a deep exploration of the Self,” Rosen continues. “This festival is a celebration of what it means to be alive, and Yogachobee is here as an ongoing and infinite Portal within the Portal straight to the heart of being. Whether found through a Thai Massage, a Yoga class, a talk on Herbalism, ceremony around the fire, or a cup of tea, these resources are here to help people tap into their potential and unveil the truth within. May these areas help countless Okeechobeings on their path to healing, Self-discovery, and unconditional presence.” A full schedule of daily events will be released on February 1st, 2017.


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