Venue Spotlight: Beach Bar in Tampa


Written by (IG @Carlosdelaplaya)

If you want to experience a space where you can freely dance under the heat of the sun while others join you in your hype, Beach Bar and Restaurant in Tampa, Florida is where you need to go. I went there twice this past summer. Once to see the legendary trip Above and Beyond and a second time to witness the king of future house himself, Tchami. Both trips up to this little piece of heaven were definitely worth it.

Beach Bar is mostly an outdoor venue with an indoor restaurant and is attached to a hotel. There are two bars outside and one bar inside, and the staff in the bars and the restaurant audience is filled with the usual college-aged energetic and friendly individuals ready to make your experience that much more fun. There is one large stage where the DJ plays and in front of a stage is a very easy to dance on dance floor made of sand. VIP tables are options however they are not secluded or heavily guarded like most Miami VIP sections which is a plus to me should I ever choose to come back to have a VIP experience.

One of the best parts for me is the fact you can literally be listening to your favorite DJ’s play while sipping on an ice cold margarita while swimming in the beach or the hotel’s pool. Beach Bar feels like an epic Miami Music Week party minus the Miami steroid freaks or fake and unapproachable women. You are literally surrounded by a multitude of individuals who come from all over Florida, with good reason, to vibe under the same intention of joy for the artist who is playing.

On the two occasions that I went, I seriously considered going to graduate school in Tampa. The general admission tickets are highly affordable and usually range between twenty to about forty dollars depending on when the tickets are purchased and who is playing. Lines run very smoothly and have thorough safety checks to make sure there are no hiccups in our experience inside this utopia.

Beach Bar is a sunny haven for ravers and flow artists that have a crowd ranging from your college party animal to your hooping flow artist. Light shows are highly encouraged!

If you are in town or even in the state, I highly recommend the trip to Beach Bar with a group of close raver friends on a summer Sunday. You and your friends will leave wondering where the time flew and already planning the next trip to Tampa.

Check out their website for any future events!



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