Peace Out DJ Fresh!

Written by BTN founder (IG @Nismo_Cindy) | July 26

DJ Fresh announced he is retiring from touring. After realizing his health is holding him back a bit and in an industry that seems to be “fake”, Fresh decided to call it quits after January 2017. Luckily, his set dates for 2016 will be completed, so better book those tickets before it’s too late. The final goodbye is coming!

Read his Facebook status with the announcement,

“To everyone who has experienced my music

I’ve decided to come off the road altogether after this year (Jan next year to be exact)

If you want to see me.. Come out to one of the gigs between now and then

It’s time to begin the next chapter of my life.. And it’s way overdue. Need to think about my health and life

Thanks so much everyone who has bought my records and supported my vision. Without you guys the music wouldn’t exist.

I cannot continue to be part of this industry.. I hate everything about it. It’s fake, soul destroying and promotes everything BUT experimentation and heartfelt emotion (which is what music means to me)

Long live Bad Company.

I just want to add that this is in no way related to my record label/labels who have all been fantastic (there are some good ones out there!)… Maybe one day I’ll write a book, and explain it then 😉”

If you have no idea who DJ Fresh is, he’s known for the being involved with the popular track Gold Dust [Flux Pavilion]

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