FIU SummerFEST Review (Opinion)


As a current student at Florida International University, I can honestly say I am blessed to have such an open minded administration. They put together a music festival and had acts Dzeko & Torres along with GTA perform, I applau those who worked hard to put this magical night together.

A few magical moments that made my night: the staff running the event. Those back stage who allowed me access to take wonderful photographs of the artist and crowd were absolutely beautiful humans. They were caring and no one gave me attitude about being on stage with the artist at any given time. The atmosphere was energetic and I saw numerous people shuffling and break dancing. Tents!!! Yes everyone loves tents because with tents comes a bunch of free items. The Bass Drop University gear was gorgeous! I was a bit too late for them which made me sad but the hats were dope!

Unfortunately, there were a few things that turned me off about this night. Since it was a school event, the location felt tight and a bit tense. FIU should have considered a different location like the football stadium ground (it was convenient during the Homecoming concert). The stage set up was incredibly beautiful but I wish the SummerFest sign on the top would have blinked colorful lights throughout different sets or at special moments. People were complaining about the foam and saying they should have stuck to the classic paint spray (I prefer none of the above). Lastly there SHOULD HAVE BEEN AN AGE REQUIREMENT. Music Festivals shouldn’t allow anyone under 18 to enter but of course these are my opinions.

Regardless of Pros & Cons,  I hope everyone had a great time at SummerFest, can’t wait to see you next year!

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