Artist Noise: Seven Lions

After a successful set at Sunset Music Festival and officially announced to perform at Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas this June, it’s safe to say Seven Lions is making his way up the charts.

Jeff Montalvo, also known as Seven Lions, was born in Santa Barbara, California. His interest in music production began at an early age. After his father came home with a Macintosh and a keyboard, he knew producing would be his future.

During his teen years he played bass, guitar and drums. Being in a few metal and punk bands, he made his way from loving the genre rock to learning electronic music production. He explains that accessibility was his initial reason for the shift of interest,

“because I got tired of waiting for my band all the time – I wanted to just start making music so I started composing electronic music by myself.”

During his college years, his interested for trance developed immensely after receiving an old Tiesto CD. In 2007 he attended his first rave which inspired him to produce trance. A few years into the game as a newbie to the trance world, he released a few tracks under the name Seven Lions, which came from a fantasy book called “Latro in the Mist”. The first unofficial remix that created a fan base and truly express who Seven Lions is as an artist was the track “Cosmic Love” by Florence + The Machine.

In recent years, Seven Lions has accomplished many involvements within the EDM community. He was the main support for Porter Robinson’s Corcle Assembly Tour along with attending multiple world wide music festivals. In Fall 2014, he had a North American tour with Krewella and Candyland. Later that year, due to his many tours and festival appearances, he was nominated for America’s Best DJ.

In 2015, He released a new EP titled “The Throes of Winter” and was completely different from his previous release “Worlds Apart”, causing many fans to become confused but most loved his stage production of imagery and backdrops and didn’t mind the experimental music differences between EP’s

This Year, Seven Lions released his “Creation” EP, which pearled at Number 1 on the Billblard Top Elctronic Albums.

Listen to the Intro for “Creation” below:

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