G.T.A Free Show at FIU Miami

The time has come for this amazing surprise! As a student at Florida International University, it was only right to write this short article on G.T.A since I am not only a fan but totally obsessed with the fact they are playing this show for FREE (Only if you’re a Golden Panther though). Catch them on Thursday, July 14, 2016.

Ticket Info Coming soon so stay tuned!

G.T.A won’t be the only performers at SummerFest, it is confirmed joining them on stage will be Dzeko & Torres. Follow all these artist on Instagram at @DzekoandTorres @WeAreGTA #GTA #Dzeko&Torres

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GTA Pic Dzeko & Torres

G.T.A is a Miami based production duo consisting of Matthew Van Toth  and Julio Mejia  Their productions are classified as House Music and Trap Music. They have been able to work alongside with artist including: Afrojack, Diplo, and Laidback Luke.

The first time I attended a G.T.A show was when Grand Central was still around. I remember loving their set so much that I downloaded a shitload of tracks onto my iPhone. In 2015 I was able to attend EDC Las Vegas where I saw the electronic duo again and can honestly say it was one of my favorite sets. Not everyone will be a trap lover, but if you are open minded, I suggest giving them a shot by seeing them LIVE.

Never heard of G.T.A? Listen to Red Lips below:


Now although I don’t know much about the electronic duo Dzeko & Torres, they will be attending SummerFest as well so it’s only fair to give them some artist noise since they are pretty big in the EDM world. Not only are they amazing producers but their music will make you want to dance. They’ve played many festivals including the BPM Festival, Ultra, Coachella, Tomorrowland, Ibizia and more.

Since I choose not to be a totally ignorant person when it comes to different styles of electronic music. I took the liberty into uploading one of their very well-known tracks below. If you have SXM radio in your car, BPM normally plays a lot of their tracks which is why I’ve heard this song multiple times before.

Listen to L’Amour Toujours below:


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