Okeechobee Fest successful 1st Year


Music Festivals have become a fad for this generation. People in their early 20’s and 30’s attend these festivals for great music, food, alcohol, and to meet new people.

Okeechobee Musical Festival opened its gates on Thursday to a sold out show. For this being their first year, that’s pretty impressive compared to other music festivals like TomorrowWorld that went into bank bankruptcy.

There were so many activities to do at Okeechobee, it was impossible to be bored or have absolutely nothing to do between sets. The main festival area had three stages Be, Here, Now with a beautiful VIP lounge set up on the sides that gave easy access near the stages, making it easy to view your favorite band/DJ.

During the day, you could tan and relax at Aquachobee, one of my favorite areas of this festival. They had a corona bar, normal beach bar, a stage that played amazing dance music, and you could play volleyball or beer pong with your friends. Near the stage they had a giant Ferris Wheel which gave a view of the entire Festival, you could see how large 800 acres really looks.




They had activities for all types of people, if you aren’t a beach bum, you could enjoy the Yogachobee area and get some nice yoga and meditation into your daily schedule.

They had instructors and group yoga on one side, or you could attend group sessions of meditation in the giant igloos! Maybe you didn’t feel like working on finding your inner-self at the moment and wanted to do something else in this village, well they had an entire section where you could sample Tea and relax with your friends.



I enjoyed this Festival a lot because there was variety in music and people. I saw people from all ages listening to Rock, Hip-Hop, Dance Music, and Bluegrass. People were extremely nice and caring for one another, regardless of music taste. The volunteers, medics, and police officers did their job extremely well and we should be thankful for all their services to us during this time.

Then they had PoWow each night which was a pleasant surprise! It was great musical acts coming together to perform different style of music, and the crowd was extremely energetic.

I love all music, the fact that I was able to enjoy acts like Skrillex, Bassnectar, Odesza, Future, Miguel, Mac Miller, and Mumfords & Sons in one Festival, gave me a lot of joy.

Once the main acts were over, you could make your way to the Jungle 51 area which was in the back of the Festival, once entered the beautiful lights and sounds of an electronic dance stage hit you right in your soul. This was my favorite place to hang out in at night when sleeping wasn’t an option.

Okeechobee Music Festival is one festival I will attend again and recommend it to anyone that wants to experience a true American Festival with camping. P.S here’s what co-founder of Okeechobee had to say,

“I couldn’t be more pleased and excited,” said Paul Peck of Soundslinger. “We had a feeling we were creating something special, but I’m still trying to process exactly what just took place here. Everything went perfectly as designed and our fans loved it in every way we hoped. There was a fantastic energy on site all weekend as one great moment lead to another. The Okeechobee community is an extraordinary one. We can’t wait to do this again next year.”

If you want to see how they put everything together, watch this YouTube video Okeechobee made!


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