Common Sense Tips for Enjoying Okeechobee Festival


Congratulations! You’ll be the first to attend this beautiful music and art festival. It’s very exciting, just think about this, you are apart of the movement right now. For centuries music festivals have brought people together, creating peace, love, unity, and respect among each-other.

Sometimes when we’re having too much fun, we tend to forget the basic common sense tips & tricks that will help save you big bucks, time, and anxiety. If you develop too much anxiety, remember there’s free yoga. 🙂

I went ahead and named a few items for you:

Create a checklist
We’re all excited, we run out of the house and forget items. Think about it this way, you won’t be able to turn around, you’re basically in a forest with a lake enjoying the Earth. Make a check list the night before going with ALL the items you need, including but not limited to: ID, Okeechobee TICKET!, Car Registration & Insurance since most of us are taking our vehicles in for camping purposes, Extra Credit card, and of course some CASH $$$.

Stay Hydrated & Don’t starve yourself
Okeechobee Music Festival is allowing all of us to bring alcohol (see rules on website) and tents. What makes you think they aren’t going to let you bring food and water? They might make you keep it in the camping area but still, eat your breakfast and late night munchies while you’re camping with friends. Quick food ideas: Protein Shakes, Granola Bars, Fruits, Chips, Breads, and nuts.

Be Aware of Weather changes
Living in Miami for like what seems to feel like EVER, has taught me how bipolar South Florida weather can be. Guess what? Okeechobee is only 2 hours away from Miami! One minute you will be enjoying a nice tan in Sunshine, and one moment later, it could rain cats and dogs. The truth is, the weather in Florida can suck, so be prepared! Bring Umbrellas, Ponchos, Sunscreen and sunglasses.

Download the APP
Oh my Jesus! Do you know how many people miss sets because they are hammered or on substances they shouldn’t be on and lose track of time?!?! The APP will send you alarms and alerts, letting you know the performer you want to see is about to begin! Speaking about APPS don’t forget a phone charger! Three days with no phone can be relaxing but not fun if you want to take sweet pictures and Snapchats.

$7 per shower is not expensive. Please don’t be that person. I’m all for inherit the earth but three days of dancing, raving, singing, running around, and doing god knows what, will leave you smelling like roadkill. Bring soap, shampoo, conditioner, TOWEL, lotion, and good smelling cologne or perfume. Remember, nothing kills the mood more than nasty ass B.O!

Here’s a list of items you CAN take inside:

  • Your own Tent and Camping Gear
  • Blanket / Sleeping Bag
  • Towel
  • Toiletries (Soap, Shampoo, Toothpaste, biodegradable if possible 😉 )
  • Water or Refillable Water Container
  • Cash for Food vendors
  • Non Alcoholic Beverages (not in glass containers)
  • Alcoholic Beverages, if you are +21 (not in glass containers)
  • Cell Phone / Cell Phone Charger/ Extra battery packs
  • Sunscreen
  • Yoga Mat
  • Camera / Gopro
  • Ear plugs
  • Wet Wipes (Trust us on this one)
  • Towel(s)
  • Sunglasses
  • Hammock
  • Cooler / Ice

Here’s a list of items you CAN’T take inside, don’t even try:

  • Drones / Aircraft
  • Drugs / & Drug Paraphernalia
  •  Kegs & more than: 2 cases of beer (no glass), 2 Boxes of wine, and 1.75 Liters of hard alcohol (per car)
  • Fireworks / Explosives / Road Flairs
  • Glass Bottles / Cans / Jars
  • Guns (Toy or Real) / Knifes / Weapons of any kind
  • Pets / Animals
  • Scooters / Skateboards
  • Professional Zoom Camera Lenses
  • Professional Video Equipment
  • We prefer you do not bring disposable plastic water bottles, but please DO bring reusable ones!

Remember we are living for three days in our beautiful animal’s lands. Let’s be respectful and try not to litter.

Can’t wait to see all your beautiful faces there! Follow on IG @Blogthenoise

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