Damn Daniel EDM Mix

Blogthenoise Author – Cindy

Internet memes and videos can go viral overnight. The popular sensational hit “Damn Daniel, Back at it with the white vans” has been receiving publicity from the media, Ellen, and even in the EDM scene.

If you haven’t heard of Bombs Away Music, I suggest you go check it out. Although, I don’t like posting outside links to my blog, it’s a definite FOLLOW. You won’t regret it, I know I didn’t. They’ve got a pretty cool Soundcloud and just remade the “Damn Daniel” hit into an EDM mix.

Yes, the song is only 1:13 in length but with this video going viral, I found this to be absolutely amazing! Major Shoutout to Bombs away for creating this. If you enjoyed this, go to their Facebook post and let them know!

Click Here to go to Bombs Away Facebook

Bombs Away is actually composed of two Australian siblings, they’re considered a vocal and production duo. Beginning their music career in 2009, they’ve been able to do a few tours and gain popular since then. Listen to “Big Booty Bitches” because it was their first single release and reached number 3 on the Beatport Electro Top 100. It’s normally interesting to compare artists music from when they start, to their current mixes.

They’ve done a few great shows in and out of the US but one we can relate to in Miami, Life in Color Festival in 2012 and 2013. I’m actually sad I never saw these boys live because they have really fun music. If you like to shuffle, consider checking out some of their stuff.

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