BTN is attending LIC Miami

After years of trying to attend Life in Color, BlogtheNoise will finally be there. I want all my rave babes and P.L.U.R bunnies to get ready for a memorable day. Photographs & Video will be taken, and if you want to be featured just make sure to Like the Blog The Noise Facebook Page. Or Follow us on Instagram at @blogthenoise. How to find us at the Festival? Normally I would say look for the shirt, but with the amount of paint everywhere I’m not sure that is too possible. Don’t worry, I’m sure we will think of something for all you ravers to spot us out.

This year’s line up seems to be really good for the price. As much as I wish it would be 18+ instead of 16+, at least the ticket prices aren’t too crazy. This will be BlogtheNoise’s first time watching live sets by: JackU, Keys N Krates, 3Lau, and Ruby Rose. Doesn’t matter who has the best performance, we just want to see everyone stepping to good music.


Between the fun rides and great performers, I’m not sure where to even begin at LIC! I was given some good tips from an Instagram user (@alexanderfranceschi)

Tips:Put Your Phone in a Zip Lock Bag

1. With all the paint going around, it seems like a pretty good idea to bring zip locks for you and your friends. Plus, it’s Miami, we never know when it’s going to rain. Avoid having a crappy time by ruining your phone, bring at least two zip lock bags with you.

2.  Take a Change of Clothes for After the Festival

Hours of dancing, raving, and becoming a canvas can be tiring. Imagine staying in sweat and wet paint hours after the festival is over? Sounds pretty gross, right? Bring an extra pair of underwear, socks, shirt and bottoms.

3. Bring a Bandanna for your Mouth

All that paint can’t be good for your vocal chords. Bring a bandanna and avoid eating paint. Also if you’re going to wear glasses, the bandanna might help you wipe it off when you want to see.


It’s all about having fun, remember YOU are there to dance and rage. Don’t let anyone ruin your day! If your friends are being jerks, just leave them and find new rave buddies! Goodluck & have fun.


Eat. Sleep. Rave. Repeat.

Remember to Follow us  on Instagram at @blogthenoise or Facebook at BlogtheNoise

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