Do you think Bieber belongs with the EDM scene?

If anyone saw the American Music Awards on Sunday, they already heard Jack Ü & Justin Bieber won “Best Collaboration Award”. It’s such an amazing feeling to know they are finally recognizing EDM artist since they were almost always ignored at the AMAs. Times are different now and it’s time to award those talented artist who are ignored for electronic dance music. In 2012, the AMAs created a “Favorite Electronic Dance Music Artist” but this year changed the scene entirely. The “Where are Ü Now” collaboration was given “Collaboration of the Year”.

The votes were based by fans through out the world, and .P. Diddy presented the award. The EDM scene truly are family, Bieber did not receive the award alone, Skrillex and Diplo all accepted the award on stage with him together. Tweets all over went viral, congratulating all these young artist who worked together to create such a strong, fun, and upbeat song. Justin Bieber has been a growing success ever since he was discovered. The young artist has been making appearances at EDM shows and festivals, he was even caught performing on stage with Skrillex at Ultra Music Festival in Miami this year. Although some have mixed feelings about Bieber collaborating with certain Dj’s, he is welcomed by Skrillex into the EDM community. Skrillex shared a statement about Bieber’s work ethic while they worked on Bieber’s new album, “He was just so involved with the creative process. He was so anxious for this record to be done. He didn’t slack off and go ‘whatever’ and say ‘fuck it! I’m gonna be famous and rich and not give a shit about the record’. He spent a lot of hours perfecting vocals and mixes.” If the two continue to work together, there might be more than just a few good hits being produced. Bieber is now known in the electronic dance scene, giving him more flexibility to work on bigger hits than “Where are Ü Now”. From 2010 when Bieber released his song “Baby” to 2015 people can see a difference in his music, he no longer has young teenage girls as his fans, but he has a more mature audience. It’s obvious, Bieber is maturing into a respected artist by many, from working with different DJ’s, having sold out concerts, and now winning “Collaboration of the Year” at the AMAs, Bieber is showing the world how dedicated he has become to his music.

This is Justin Bieber’s 8th AMA Award.

Eat. Sleep. Rave. Repeat

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