Special Pop up show at The Hanger – Carnage & Dj Snake

As a Carnage fan, I truly hope you were able to attend his free pop up show at The Hangar in Miami this past Monday. If you didn’t make it, here’s what you missed out on. First, I bet you are wondering “how on earth was I suppose to find out about this show”. That’s the fun part! You weren’t suppose to find out until the day of. Carnage posted on his Instagram page, a link to a contact form where you were suppose to fill out all your information. Monday evening, the venue was released around 6 pm and it was no longer a mystery as to where he was performing. If you were there on time, you would have noticed the two extremely long lines to get in. One line was the regular admission line, but the other was the express lane. Carnage was a very smart man for doing what he did, if you wanted access to the express line, all you had to do was buy his album. I am very happy he did this, because in today’s generation almost no one buys a CD anymore. If you did not buy the CD, you were risking not getting in due to the lack of space The Hanger had compared to the amount of people that showed up. Stitches performed for a about an hour, and Carnage performed exactly at midnight. Most nightclubs in Miami won’t have the main Dj go on till about 2 am, so I thought it was a good idea that he performed at midnight since it was a Monday night. The venue did provide excellent opportunities for lights and sound, but they shut down certain sections of the club, only giving access to the main area. Carnage brought out DJ Snake towards the end of his performance and they both raged together on stage. I am glad they were able to perform together, they are both very talented young Dj’s. We hope to see a few more pop up shows from Carnage.

Remember Miami, Eat. Sleep. Rave. Repeat


(Featured Photo was taken from @DJCARNAGE Twitter feed, all rights belong to him)

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