Tips For Surviving EDC Orlando!

EDC is such a life changing festival. The fact that there’s rides throughout the festival and different activities to do during set changes, makes the experience, more enjoyable. I highly suggest zip lining, the swings, and the Ferris wheel. I’ve been attending festivals for a few years now, and after attending UMF Miami, and then attending EDC Orlando the first year it opened, I realized there’s nothing like EDC. The environment is so welcoming and everyone is nice to each other unlike at other festivals. I have not missed an EDC ORLANDO since the first year it began in Orlando, and I have attended EDC Las Vegas which will be for another blog. After attending EDC for so long, I did learn a few tips to having a more enjoyable experience.

Here are Quick Reminders:

make sure your cigarettes, and gum packs have not been open. Bring unopened Chapstick because of the weather, bring a fanny pack or camel back, Load up your wristbands and go cashless to avoid anyone stealing your wallet, bring wipes for the bathroom, and do not bring your vapor pen unless you sneak it in because they will send you back to your car. ALSO, remember security checks you… Yes… Including your shoes if you’re the unlucky soul of the group.


EDC Lockers


A locker will come in handy, believe it or not. It’s $45 bucks but it fits A LOT of stuff. Unfortunately, Florida weather is bipolar, last year we had rain, cold climate changes, and heat all in the same day, therefore a locker makes it more comfortable to have a sweater as a back up. Plus, if you’re a lady, you can have your tampons, wipes, and make up, stored in the locker instead of carrying everything on you. It’s also very convenient if you buy a charger, you can leave your phone in there while you rage.

Rave Babes


NO SANDALS, NO GLADIATOR style shoes, and definitely avoid converse or any style of flats. I highly suggest sneakers or combat boots because the Orange sand will destroy your shoes and let’s not forget you will be standing for 12 hours at a time for two consecutive days. By all means, if you can avoid wearing face paint do it. Between rides, and dancing, you’ll end up looking like the joker by the end of the night. Lastly, remember to dress for your body. Always keep that in mind.



There are two days to EDC ORLANDO and both days they’re influenced more by a music type. Pick the day with the most DJ’s you want to see and get there early so you can experience the kandi making tents, delicious food, rides, the spectacular drinks, and more. Going early both days will only leave you drained & in a terrible mood by night fall. Trust me from experience, someone in your group will always make your life a living hell by going both days at 12 pm. Just don’t forget to go Zip Lining!!!!!



Take a camel back, Luckily Edc provides free water unlike Ultra Music Festival (maybe they do now but before they didn’t) and Mad Decent. Water bottles can go anywhere from $5-7 at these festivals, EDC providing free water truly shows how much they care for the rave community. Don’t rely on filling up your water bottle, you might miss a set thanks to this. The lines for water are long and your body becomes so dehydrated at this festival, you will go through your water bottle in less than ten minutes. A camel back will last you an entire set and you can have a water bottle as a back up. Just remember to please, please, please roll safe and stay hydrated. Even if you’re only going to drink alcohol, STAY HYDRATED.



Sounds silly, right? Wrong. So many people forget to eat, either because of excitement, A.D.D or because they are rolling. If you don’t eat, you will get weak. You are dancing for many hours a day, make sure to squeeze food into your schedule so you don’t become nauseous or sick. I suggest you try the chicken tenders.



Do you think you’re the only person who wants to see Tiesto or Flux Pavilion Day 1, or Kaskade or Seven Lions Day 2? NO, YOU’RE NOT. Unfortunately, pushing and shoving is annoying. If you want to be able to be close to your favorite DJ’s, I suggest going during another DJ is on set, because once that current set is over, you can slide your way to the front of the stage. Just a friendly reminder, once you’re in the front, It could take about 20 minutes to get out of the crowd.

Eat, sleep, rave, repeat.

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