True Colors Tour – Bayfront Park

Before I begin, I must apologize, All photos and video were shot on an iphone 6, not the best quality. The featured image, is a stock image from google.

On October 16, The True Colors Tour was taking place at Bayfront Park, Amphitheater. The performers were: Zedd & Dillon Francis with special guest. Prices in Miami for popular Dj’s are usually ridiculous, going to Story or LIV and paying $160 isn’t ideal for the outgoing festivals hoppers. Luckily, The tickets to this were only $40 bucks through Livenation, you spend that easily just by hitting up Chilis with your friends! It was a must go for this price. Although the weather was awful and the park didn’t fill up to its potential, the EDM community still had a good time.

Walking into the Amphitheater I found a bunch of bananas floating around the crowd. I ran across a fellow raver name Nicole (Instagram: Fishypoo) who let me take a photo with her banana. After the photo was taken I noticed it was a DadaLife inflatable banana! When I turn to the stage, DadaLife was on playing their remix to “The shit is Bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S”


Around 8 pm, the lights went out, and they were switching to prepare to the next performer. Dillon Francis comes on stage blasting his remix of Skrillex’s song. (I apologize for Resolution, as a newbie blogger, I do not own good equipment.)

Remix after remix, Dillon Francis certainly killed it! He got the crowd wild up, I saw more people dancing to his music than to the main DJ of the night, Zedd. During Dillon’s set the crowd noticed an extraordinary event. A backdrop of The Weeknd came on and all of a sudden he starts playing “I Can’t Feel my Face” and out of nowhere, The Weeknd came on stage and sang one sentence of his song and then vanished! It was the quickest guest star appearance I have ever seen but it was unexpected, so I give Dillion props for that. Finally I was amazed with his remix to Nysc, it was very mind blowing. 

Dillon Frances True Colors Tour

Of course, we save what Miami would consider the best for last, Zedd! Now don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of Zedd, but with Selena and him being together, I feel like his music has gone very mainstream very quickly. Zedd opened his set with one of his radio hits “Beautiful Now” and continued his set with a few songs the crowd knew from the radio, but occasionally he did a few remixes that were insanely fun to dance to. It was not until I heard, ”The Legend of Zelda” when I was truly impressed with Zedd’s set. Of course I have heard the song on Pandora, and YouTube, but seeing him perform it live, took my breathe away. The overall disappointed of this night was not having Selena Gomez appear randomly on stage with him. Most were anticipating this because the crowd assumed she loved Miami and would have been there that night. I applau Zedd for telling us to stop listening to the security’s who were fed up with our raging and dance moves, it’s beautiful to see a DJ care for the Plur bunnies who love to dance. Zedd I hope you mean it when you say “Miami, I Fu*king love you” because many who are apart of the EDM community, love you too.

Blogthenoise hopes to see you at the next concert, festival or rave!

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